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Five Ways Donating to a Local Children's Charity Can Benifit You

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provides the perfect way for you to give something back to the community. Our charity makes it easy for you to donate to non-profit organizations for children. Your donation can save lives and put smiles on kids’ faces. In addition to helping others, charitable donations may also give something back to you. Here are several ways giving benefits the giver, from financial to intangible benefits.

Improve Local Hospitals

With the Children’s Miracle Network, your money goes toward hospital donations for over 170 hospitals nationwide, including local hospitals. Hospitals receive funding from a variety of sources, but often they need generous donations in order to provide an extra level of care. By donating, you are helping to make your local hospital a better place to receive treatment.

Supporting Your Neighbors and Friends

Do you know someone who is constantly in and out of the hospital? Do you have a loved one who is dealing with a chronic illness that requires medical treatment? One of the ways you can offer these people support is by making a donation. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals uses charitable donations to benefit patients as directly as possible. Gifted donations go towards cancer treatment, games and art supplies for kids, and innovative cures.

Contribute to Miracles

Many people in today’s world are looking for medical miracles. Cancer is an epidemic that affects a huge percentage of the nation’s families. In order to fight diseases like cancer, medical professionals and scientists need funding. By donating to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, especially to several of our crowd funding programs, you can contribute directly to the healthcare industry’s efforts to find cures. Every day, doctors and medicines are able to save lives and change children’s lives for the better with your help.

Emotional Health

One of the real but intangible ways that donating can benefit you is by increasing your emotional health. Donating to a children's hospital charity provides you with an opportunity to serve other members of the human race in a meaningful way. Many donors find that giving increases their sense of self-worth and satisfaction, helps them build friendships, and even reduces stress in daily life. When you give to our local children’s charity, you can have confidence that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is using your donation to make a difference.

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Donations will go to the greatest needs of hospitalized children when received, with the exception of the Crowd Funding items, which are for specific and immediate needs of the hospitals. Due to the nature of the system items may change without notice. Images posted are a depiction or representation of the need and the actual item may vary slightly. Impact Giving™, Give Miracles™ and Crowd Giving™ are trademarks of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. All funds will benefit hospitalized children through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in North America, representing 10 million unique children patients per year.